Monday, August 26, 2013

Deadlift Monday: 100% Again

warmup w/bands

70 kgs x 10
120 kgs x 8
170 kgs x 5
220 kgs x 1
240 kgs x 1
255 kgs x 7 PR

Krocs w/kettle bells
80 kgs x 12 PR
80 kgs x 10
80 kgs x 10 TPR
64 kgs x 12 PR
64 kgs x 10 TPR
64 kgs x 8

Bodyweight: 130 kgs
+ 10 kgs chain x 8
BW x 10

Leg press
160 kgs x 20
210 kgs x 20

THOSE training sessions I was too messed up to go hard, or too pressed for time to do my assistance work, or when I just didn't feel like I'd done my best: this session almost makes up for them all.

I only got 7 reps of 250 last week, equalling my PR of a couple of months prior. So tonight I knew I needed something better than an equal best. And I got it. Dropping to singles in the final two warmup sets was a good idea, but during the money set I took my time and made sure I breathed deep at the top and bottom of each rep. When I locked out that seventh, there was no air in my lungs, at all. I thought I was going to pass out.

Thanks to Brian for taking the video.

Brandon Lilly said that, on the road back from injury, every milestone is a new personal record - it doesn't matter if you did it before, way back when. Well, when it comes to my right those Krocs are not all-new territory but I'm calling them as such. And I've never performed them with a kettle bell before. KBs make them harder.

Finally, I'm loving that nothing hurts. Back, hip and shoulder are all sweet. Bring on Press Wednesday.

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