Monday, June 17, 2013

Squat Monday: No Pain, All Gain

*warmup w/DBs

Squats w/cambered bar
10 reps @ 30 kgs
8 reps @ 70 kgs
6 reps @ 100 kgs
3 reps @ 130 kgs
3 reps @ 150 kgs
3 reps @ 180 kgs
8 reps @ 200 kgs PR

Upper back lockouts
12 reps @ 150 kgs
12 reps @ 230 kgs PR

9 reps @ BW
6 reps @ BW

I ARRIVED late. I was not happy about this. But my mood improved once I got under the bar. Fatigue and related problems had caused me to skip last Monday's squat session, and to be honest with you it was the right decision. I've been feeling less and less discomfort over the last few weeks while performing the lightweight squat variations Dan suggested for me, and a fortnight ago I returned to the cambered bar. Nothing heavy that time, and only mild pain while I played around with foot placement.

This time I felt pretty confidant, so I went heavier. And it felt good. So I went heavier. The planned max effort set was around 150. I tripled that, bumped up the weight and went for a single of 180 that turned into a triple, it felt so good. And suddenly there I was, staring at 200 kilos on the bar once more... and I busted out a new all time PR by 2 reps.

The rest is incidental. Heavy squats are back on the menu. I have a reason to bust out my new knee wraps and lever belt once more, and the road to a 250 kilo 1RM is back in my sights.

Fuck yeah.

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