Saturday, June 29, 2013

Events Saturday: Ow, Ow... Ow

Yoke walk
15 meters @ 135 kgs
15 meters @ 215 kgs
15 meters @ 295 kgs
15 meters @ 335 kgs
15 meters @ 375 kgs

Farmers walk
15 meters @ 60 kgs p/h
15 meters @ 100 kgs p/h
15 meters @ 140 kgs p/h TPR
static hold (attempt)
0 seconds @ 170 kgs p/h

OHP w/barbell (strict)
10 reps @ 40 kgs
10 reps @ 50 kgs


Some solid progress was made on the Farmers; my grip held out long enough to complete the run with 140 per hand, so I'm on track for 150 per hand at qualifiers. My 375 yoke, however, was not as good as my last run at that weight (I dropped it twice!), for the obvious reason that my back was fried from last night's deadlifts. This was confirmed when I attempted a static hold with the weight Dan had just walked, and failed.

My spine lets me know when it's had enough... can't really blame it. Shit, a year ago, attempting this kind of training two days in a row would have guaranteed a lumbar strain and possibly sunday in bed, munching codeine. So this is a clear improvement... but I'm still going to have to scrap Friday night training going forward.

The rest of the day's training was hamstrung by injury: I couldn't do the sack carry, and my shoulder kept me from doing any log. I discussed my dilemma with my coaches, who recommended sub-sub-maximal strict pressing with a standard bar and/or axle to get myself re-accustomed to the movement. But it was just too painful.

The strategy going forward is going to be training for recovery, not progression in this event. Everything was great up until two weeks ago, when I was viper-pressing Fatboy and aggravated it. I then moved on to... more pressing with Fatboy, working on technique, which hurt more...

I will still be able to bench next week, but definitely no OHP at any weight above 50% of my max. It will be tiny weights, high reps (12-15 per set) and nothing stupid.

If I can heal up enough between now and qualifiers, I may still be able to try for that 120 kilo log. It's really not looking good though.

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