Saturday, June 8, 2013

Events Saturday: Digits of Steel

Cube Method - Speed day

Yoke walk
25 metres @ 135 kgs
15 metres @ 235 kgs
25 metres @ 295 kgs - 19 seconds PR
25 metres @ 295 kgs - not timed, felt slow
25 metres @ 295 kgs - 21 seconds

Farmers walk
15 metres x 2 @ 60 kgs p/h
15 metres x 2 @ 100 kgs p/h
15 metres x 2 @ 110 kgs p/h
static hold
30 seconds @ 130 kgs p/h

Atlas stones
front squats
6 reps @ 117 kgs
0 reps @ 150 kgs
5 reps @ 117 kgs

TODAY was a good day overall. I made some solid progress with the yoke. Repeated runs of a reasonably heavy weight are not so gruelling for me now... I doubt I'd feel the same way if today was heavy day; three fifteen-metre runs with another hundred kilos on my back would have destroyed me for sure. But a year ago I wouldn't have finished all three, and the runs I did finish wouldn't have been within the twenty seconds benchmark. This is progress.

RE the Farmers walk: the benefits of that final static hold will be reaped in the coming weeks, as I slowly return to deadlifting without grips. I will keep the double overhand grip, as most of my comp deads this year will be with straps (and sometimes axle) for reps, so continuing with an under-over grip is pointless. I'll just have to remember to swap back if and when I enter a Powerlifting meet, which may also happen this year. Just for fun.

I'm not really sure, but I think I just wasn't correcting for the Oly shoes when I performed my first set of stones. I pitched forward after a couple of reps, and my finger got wedged between the stone and one of the platform's two-by-fours for a few seconds before I dropped it. Nothing broken, so I continued the set, and did an extra rep just to be sure. But I didn't have the strength for the 150 today... my shoulder was bugging me after the yoke work. Some movements just seem to aggravate it - primarily dips and yoke - but in every other regard things are normally fine.

I have some complaint with my right quad now too. Feels like just some soft tissue damage, from resting the stone there. It will get stiff and knotted overnight, and my physio will probably recommend he jam some more of those extra big needles of his into my larger than average leg muscles. Oh goody.

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