Monday, June 3, 2013

Squat Monday: Back to Formula, Again

Squats w/barbell
10 reps @ 70 kgs
8 reps @ 80 kgs
5 reps @ 90 kgs
10 reps @ 90 kgs
0 reps @ 100 kgs

Squats w/cambered
9 reps @ 110 kgs
3 reps @110 kgs

Upper back lockouts
12 reps @ 140 kgs
12 reps @ 160 kgs
7 reps @ 180 kgs
12 reps @ 200 kgs PR with straps

9 reps @ BW
7 reps @ BW
5 reps @ BW

45 degree back raises
10 reps @ BW
10 reps @ BW + 20 kgs KB
10 reps @ BW + 20 kgs KB
15 reps @ BW + 20 kgs KB

A LOT of time was spent on technique and form tonight, for obvious reasons. I've been discussing my options for the squat with my coaches, and they actually agreed with my initial suggestion that I return to the standard barbell, start as light as necessary, and start working on my form all over again.

I continued with the standard bar until it was too much of a strain on my shoulder. I tried a few times to get myself into correct position with 100 kilos, but it wasn't gonna happen. Pissed about this; everything had started pretty well... but I guess I'm going to have to continue with the cambered bar. It won't help me if I want to squat in a PL comp. But as long as I'm squatting, I'm getting stronger. Stupid cambered bar.

The olympic shoes, as it turns out, are not good for me to squat in. I performed essentially the same narrow stance, knees-forward and deep squats tonight that I was doing a few weeks back. They feel more comfortable and, at these low loads, completely take the strain away from my hip. The wider my foot spacing, the more my hip hurts. So it'll just be slow going while I get everything worked out.

I also took some pointers on my back raises, as I wasn't performing them correctly either (still!). I think I must have it now, finally. Jeebus.

Hopefully I'm recovered enough for more log work Wednesday night.

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