Saturday, April 20, 2013

Saturday Events Training: Back to the Brink

Sled drag
12 meters @ 300 kgs
12 meters @ 330 kgs
12 meters @ 410 kgs - rope assisted TPR

Keg toss
5 @ 13 kgs

Sack carry
10 meters @ 140 kgs
10 meters @ 140 kgs - faster!
20 meters @ 140 kgs PR
10 meters @ 140 kgs

THAT sack has previously been a real challenge for me just to lap. But today - for a brief period, at least - I felt pretty strong... and then I tanked. My back quit on me when I was attempting a second successive pickup and run back (10 meters each way). It quit, but it doesn't actually feel broken right now. Happy about this, and about the PR.

The sled drag was a bit more challenging as it was partially in the wet (hence the shortened distance), and this exposed the fact that my shoes are not ideal. I'm losing grip and wasting effort. I need some rock climbing shoes.

The keg toss felt much better than last week... after the first one, which my shoulder I guess just wasn't expecting, so it complained a little bit. But after successive tosses and some instruction on gripping and angling the keg, it felt much more comfortable. Not doing my shoulder warmup before keg toss = another stupid mistake.

For a variety of reasons, I'm going with easing off the weight on squats this week. I'm seeing a doctor on friday to get the diagnosis process underway, and in the mean time I don't want to aggravate it. But then, I say this now. If I feel good on the day, I will probably use my new Gripped Hard Core knee wraps and try for a new PR. IF I don't wake up tomorrow and discover my back is proper fried! This past week of serious training has been punishing. And it's only going to get tougher.

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