Saturday, April 13, 2013

Events Training Saturday: 3 Courses of WIN

25 meters @ 135 kgs
25 meters @ 135 kgs
15 meters @ 215 kgs
15 meters @ 255 kgs
15 meters @ 275 kgs
25 meters @ 215 kgs

25 meters @ 60 kgs p/h
25 meters @ 70 kgs p/h
25 meters @ 70 kgs p/h
25 meters @ 80 kgs p/h

Atlas stone 'front squats'
3 singles of 117 kgs
3 reps of 117 kgs
3 reps of 117 kgs
3 reps of 117 kgs

TODAY was my first full events training session in what feels like a year. Nothing was exceptionally heavy because it was intended to be a cube training 'light' session with a focus on technique and speed. I was all gung-ho and went too heavy with the yoke to begin with. I wasn't supposed to go heavier than 50% of my max, which now specifically (and pretty much all the time anyhow) is way less than 275. Right now it would be likely no more than 150, especially if we're talking the full 25 meter distance.

The Farmers walk I also didn't want to go too heavy on, being the first time in a long time. If I'm going to tax my arm doing anything in the near future, it's gonna be deadlifts next thursday.

The Atlas stone front squat explained: 
Pick and lap the stone, adjusting your hold in preparation to then stand. Lift the stone as high as possible. Instead of placing it on the platform, return to the lapped position, adjust your hold and stand again. Repeat till it gets hard.

Balance can be an issue with stones, especially performing reps in this way, so it's good to have the appropriate footwear, which in this case is Olympic lifting shoes. This is because they have a high sole which pivots you ever so slightly forward, allowing you to push forward while driving from the heels.

Consequently, this also means Olympic shoes can offer a challenge to your balance themselves, at least to begin with. This is why I performed the first few as singles, and why the first time I tried to do three in a row I leaned too far forward coming up after the second repetition and had to drop it, reset and go again.

While I'm looking forward to more stones next week, I'm also looking forward to getting some proper leather gauntlets to wear while doing them. The bruises are cool and all, but as the stones get heavier I will need to be able to maximise my purchase without worrying about ripping my skin clean off.

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