Saturday, April 20, 2013

Gripped Australia: A New Name in Strength Accessories

AS LOTS of you know, I'm a straight talker. I don't talk shit, and I don't take shit from people who do. I expect the people I work and train with to be the same, when it matters. Gripped fitness accessories Australia have quickly impressed me as a no-bullshit business looking to deliver products and services that put the heavy-lifting customer first.

I have been on the lookout for some proper, heavy duty knee wraps for a while now, and when I saw Gripped had a pair selling for just $50 I jumped on the link and made it right through to getting out my Visa, when the site told me delivery inside Oz was gonna cost me another $25!!

Perturbed, I messaged their Facebook page; I made it clear I wasn't impressed with the price gouging for Australia Post's woefully shitty (and already overpriced) 'express next day delivery' service, and advised that I could get a pair from a bigger name, shipped internationally, for less.

At about half past eight on a Friday night, I got a response in two minutes. The fella who replied seemed just as pissed about it as me! He said the products had only 'gone live' a few hours ago. He said delivery for anything weighing under 3 kilos should be about $10, and the default delivery price on the site was a glitch. He also gave me a code for free shipping on the wraps... and when they arrived the following Friday (because Australia Post's 'express next day delivery' - even from one major capital city to another - is a fucking lie) they came with a free pair of 'Power Grips 2.0' - another product from the Gripped Hard Core range.

So my own experience with this company, which I hadn't heard of two weeks ago, has been exemplary. Gripped provide great customer service; the same representative who got in touch with me so quickly (and gave me free stuff) has also followed up with me to make sure I'm happy with my purchase, and even to ask that I contact him with any suggestions WA Strongman might have for making their products even better! I also know that Gripped are getting right into the promotion of Strongman in the Eastern states and are looking to make the same impact here in the West.

I will have a write-up on this gear in the coming weeks, once I've used them all properly.

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