Tuesday, November 13, 2018

One Week Out: A Disappointing End to 2018

IF LAST week was one of my best training weeks in recent years, this week was easily one of the worst.

I had the intention of testing some personal records. A 342.5 kilo deadlift (+2.5 kg) and 150 farmers walk (+5 kg p/h) were on the cards. But in the leadup to the big pull, things weren't moving as well as they were last week. 312.5 came up sloppily compared with the 320 and I didn't want to fail this close to competing, so I moved on to farmers walk. As soon as I tried to pick 150, my fucking adductor struck again.

Friday I finally got my quads and right glute dry needled. They needed it, and the constriction is likely the cause of my adductor issue. It's a theory, at least. My new physiotherapist doesn't disagree.

Saturday I drove to Port Kennedy for what was to be my first and last stones session before the comp. My old mate and veteran Strongman Jay was there for a session under the direction of 'Mad Dog' Matt Lynch Blanch. We did a bit of catching up as I'd not seen him in some time. But when it came time to lift, I couldn't move anything heavier than 80 or so thanks to the strain. Still, I hoped for the best. Jay helped me bundle the Static Monsters banner into Belwas and I drove back to civilisation, to rest up.

Only, I wasn't ready to rest just yet. I needed to be more confident in my abilities, so I took a calculated risk and trained Tuesday night. This left me only three days to recover, but I needed to see if the strain was going to come good - like it did the first time - and allow me to compete. It did not.
Evidently, it's worse now. I can't squat one plate without it being an issue.

I emailed WA Strongman after training and asked them to disregard the entry form I'd sent just that morning. This makes the fourth year running I have not competed in the state finals. That's actually not a total negative. Instead of focussing on my own training, I've been coaching others on to great things. I put the Static Monsters on the map in Western Australia and have assisted in keeping it there. I have been instrumental in growing the sport I love, and I take a great deal of satisfaction from that.

None of this will change, of course: I will continue to teach anyone who is willing to be taught, and I'm already musing over possible locations for Static Monsters Perth 2019. But in the new year I will also continue to hone my own skills, mix up and intensify my training so that events are a focal point of every session, not just weekends, and prepare for a year of tough competition from the state's heavyweight front-runners... who now include the mighty Kong.

As predicted.

EVENTS Tuesday November 13th
Axle squat:
70 kg x 3 - adductor strain, scrapped... along with my finals bid
Axle OHP (strict):
20 kg x 10
45 kg x 5
65 kg x 3
85 kg x 10 TPR
Stiff-legged axle deadlifts (grip test):
70 kg x 8
110 kg x 8
140 kg x 7
Zercher carry w/yoke:
130 kg x 2 x 10 meters
210 kg x 2 x 10 meters
Assault bike 5 mins @ +50 rpm

EVENTS at GOLDS Saturday November 10th
OHP w/yoke:
90 kg x 5
Atlas stones:
80 kg x 8
110 kg x FAIL

PULL+ EVENTS Wednesday November 7th
70 kg x 1
120 kg x 5
170 kg x 5
220 kg x 3
270 kg x 1 no belt
312.5 kg x 1
Farmers walk (p/h):
80 kg x 2 x 15 meters
120 kg x 15 meters
150 kg x FAIL - left adductor again!!

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