Friday, November 23, 2018

Events+ Saturday: Yoke, Prowler, Press

EAGER to get underway, I beat my alarm to the punch and started today's training early. My last press session was pretty lacklustre so today I wanted to finish the bits I missed, as well as play with some equipment I don't normally use; namely the prowler and harness.

But first up was yoke walk. I haven't done anything you might call heavy for a while now. The WASM qualifier in late April had a 375 kilogram yoke. That was the last time I moved what might be considered reasonable weight: prior to today I was loosely following the Lion method, which has a focus on more volume. But it has been about two months since I moved a yoke at all.

It's odd. Something I've always found is that I lose the feel for yoke walk very quickly. Used to be, if I stopped training it for a couple of months or more, when I returned to it, it was almost like learning the event anew. The opposite of riding a bike. 

But that's not how it felt today. I walked 370 for 15 meters. A little shaky in the knees at first, and not my fastest time at that weight, for sure. But I did it without a belt and my core strength and stability felt solid. I also felt like I was breathing better than I have been while performing this event. I reckon I'll try a belt-less 400 kilo walk in the next few weeks.

From now through to the start of 2019 I intend to hit some new personal records. I made some good progress last week with strict axle overhead. I will be following that with new maxes on deadlift, Zercher carry, farmers and yoke walk... and maybe even clean-press.

At some point I've lost a pin for the d-ring hook for the harness, so was not able to use it today. I got the hook from Bunnings for a few bucks, so it won't be hard to replace. I'll have it sorted for next weekend.

I've also managed to lose my handy little tape measure, so I wasn't able to measure exactly how many meters I was pulling and pushing the prowler. It's definitely more than 10, but less than 15. Another thing I'll be more precise about next time.

Nonetheless, I got some decent work done today and had fun doing it. It's been a while since I was able to say that. I'm already looking forward to next week.

EVENTS+ PRESS Saturday November 24th
Yoke walk:
130 kg x 30 meters
210 kg x 30
290 kg x 30
330 kg x 15
370 kg x 15 - no belt
Prowler pull w/rope & push back:
+ 100 kg x 12 meters
+ 150 kg x 12
+ 200 kg x 12
The Rest of the Press
Triceps pushdowns:
114 kg x 15
100 kg x 15
86 kg x 15
Standing barbell curls:
20 kg x 10
25 kg x 10
27.5 kg x 10
Dumbbell front raises (p/h):
10 kg x 3 x 10

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