Sunday, October 28, 2018

Press+ Sunday Session

SINCE Static Monsters was a non-event for me and I'm now nursing an adductor strain (hopefully not a tear), I had a lot of frustrations that needed working out. I figured a Sunday session was in order.

As I was finishing up on the assault bike I noticed a fella doing farmer's walk with straps... a competition no-no. He came past, a 110 kilo pick strapped to each hand, and when he was done I asked his name and if he'd like to learn how to use those properly.

His name was Jason, he told me, and 120 is his best for 15 meters, but he was handicapped by small hands. I told him he was already training with some of the best tools available for developing grip strength, he just wasn't using them to their full potential.

My Saturday events sessions - and the Strongman clinics I put on for anyone who is interested - kick off at Genesis Bentley from 12 midday this Saturday. Maybe I'll see Jason there.

PRESS+ Sunday October 28th
stretch... for fuck's sake, stretch
Axle OHP (strict):
40 kg x 10
60 kg x 5
80 kg x 5
90 kg x 3
100 kg x 2
110 kg x 1
120 kg x 1
125 kg x FAIL - but struggled with it for legit about 10-15 seconds...
75 kg x max effort 11 TPR?
Bench press (paused):
60 kg x 5
100 kg x 3
120 kg x 5
75 kg x 11
Triceps pushdowns:
114 kg x 14
100 kg x 15
91 kg x 10
Preacher curls w/EZ bar:
bar +10 kg x 3 x 10
super-set w/DB front raises (p/h):
30 kg x 8, 8, 6
Assault bike 5 mins @ +50 rpm

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