Monday, October 9, 2017

The Weekend & Beyond

SATURDAY was the last opportunity for PTC Strong folk to prepare for the WASM qualifier, October 14th. We have two competitors, both very new to PTC: Kyle and Jacqueline. Jacqueline's actually been training for this comp for several weeks now. Her schedule means she can't attend Saturday clinics. I found all this out during our conversation Sunday. She told me she's keen to get herself a PTCSM shirt, as they are so badass. And of course she is, because they are. Meanwhile, Kyle has just started but has taken to strongman events like an exuberant future champion. I have no doubt he will dominate the under 90s novice division and move on to state finals, if he wants it.

Mathew, Hightower, the Lion and the Yak were also in attendance. Carl's rehab is done and he's starting to slowly add weight to his farmers walks. Alec was a no-show, but he's been training hard for a while now and it's beginning to drag him down. I'd say a week or two of down time is both justified and well deserved at this point. Especially since he's decided he's not strong enough to compete this year.

Nathan and Ryan are not competing, though Nathan is keen to jump in next year after he's built a bit more strength and ability.

PRESS Sunday October 8
Log clean-press:
45 kgs x 8
65 kgs x 3
85 kgs x 3 x 7
Cardio: assault bike 5 mins @ +50 rpm

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