Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Pull Tuesday: The Blessed Back Tax

TONIGHT was a triumph. Before the Perth cup and my quad tears, my last deadlift session was September 9th. So tonight was my first time pulling in about ten weeks.

I pulled everything overhand and beltless, working up to a double of 225 kilos. They came up smooth as butter. Then I belted up and did 275 easy enough. But I'd walked into the gym with the crazy notion that I could pull 300 or more after ten weeks of rehab and zero quads training in that time. Nonetheless I was determined to try.

So, after I pulled the 275 (and before I'd really cooled down from it) I loaded the bar to 305, paced about a bit, and pulled again. It maybe came an inch off the floor... maybe; it could have just been Texas bar flex.
But is this a bad outcome? Hell, no it isn't. A comfortable, conventional 275 kilo deadlift at 125 kilos bodyweight and in my condition is not bad at all. It's a base from which I can resume my programming. Though I am going to have to get some further input on this pull routine; I don't want to remove SLDLs but don't know where they fit best now my focus has returned to the main lift. Plus, those Good mornings were possibly too much. If I want to keep doing them, I'll have to start lighter. And a late start and other commitments saw me shirk my accessory shoulder work tonight. Naughty. I'll have to make up for it Thursday.
Now, I'd be a fool not to have noticed the muscle building brains trust that has grown up around me at PTC. It might be time to bend the ears of a couple of fellas who are two-thirds my age, two-thirds my weight, and who are now totalling about the fucking same as me, if not more.

In the mean time I'm going to take satisfaction in this near-debilitating lower back pump and in the knowledge that I can deadlift pain-free again. The journey towards a 350 pull (and 800 total) has resumed once more.

warmup - foam rolling & BW squats

75 kgs x 8
125 kgs x 5
175 kgs x 3
225 kgs x 2 - double overhand TPR
275 kgs x 1
305 kgs x - FAIL
205 kgs x 3 x 3 - double overhand, belt-less TPR


Cambered bar GMs:
50 kgs x 5
100 kgs x 5

Seated row (underhand):
Full stack x 3 x 10 - paused, full ROM

Hammer Strength seated row:
50 kgs p/h x 3 x 8 - explosive

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