Sunday, November 20, 2016

Events Saturday: PTC Strongman's New Kicks

AN ENERGISED finale to a hectic and productive week! Saturday's clinic saw the arrival of some exciting toys... and a new trainee with that familiar glint in his eye. We were having some excellent weather that afternoon so I made the decision to move the log and axle outdoors. I also set up the yoke outside, in the sun, before the session had officially started. The intention was to introduce the crew to 'comp conditions'; on comp day that yoke will have been sitting out in the weather for who knows how long before you get under it.
 Before I continue I need to mention that, after some conjecture amongst the team, the farmers picks were weighed...and they are heavier than previously advised. Most likely my own fault, possibly due to the addition of some sturdier handles, the picks are each not-quite 31 kilograms apiece.. So we will call them 30 p/h, where previously I had them listed at 22.5 p/h. Long story short: we're all stronger than we thought, and several records need amending.

As it was such a nice day, I took the opportunity for some pics and vids. My crew (and PTC members in general) are all very photogenic, as you can see. This was Steve's second clinic and my first opportunity to see his already exceptional pressing skills. Now that I know his current potential one-rep-max I'll be throwing him into the same max-effort log press routine that Alex has been running.

On that subject, Alex's log work is reaching it's final week. This cycle will see him clean-press a 100 kilo log at least once. Based on the repetition scheme, he should get that single and more. But that's going to be a 20 kilo increase to his log-press since he first did it (I'm going by memory here, I'll have to check my records to confirm precise dates and loads) and he's sustained a lower back injury over the period. I have stated to Alex that a 120 kilo clean press, a 330-350 kilo yoke and a 250 kilo deadlift make for a very competitive u105 strongman, and I would do my best to get him there. Next year, if he's ready, we will find out.

Today we also met the soon-to-be Missus Kong. Cathy had been given the task of driving from York to PTC Perth in Malaga with about 400 kilograms worth of new toys on the back of their ute. Two massive tyres, to be exact. I was ecstatic to have these new additions to our collection of training apparatus. I will be adding more soon, and there are plans for a custom-made, loadable monster dumbbell being discussed. Stones are also in the cards, but only after we have somewhere to house them. The equipment shed will be a combined Rucci brothers / PTC strongman investment and production also ear marked for 2017.

And, as my months of rehab were pretty much (and are now, officially) over, I did some shit too!
Really looking forward to deadlifting this week. I wonder how those SLDLs have helped with that? I am excited to find out. I'm also excited to devise some new and challenging strongman medleys. Involving tyres.

Axle power-clean-press:
55 kgs x 3 "muscle-snatches"
55 kgs x 3
65 kgs x 2
75 kgs x 3
85 kgs x 3

- these were not structured, but something like
T1 160 kgs x 15 meters
T2 240 kgs x 15 meters

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