Thursday, November 10, 2016

Pull Thursday: Take That, Spine

TONIGHT was a solid session. I haven't walked away from a training session feeling this positive in months.Bodyweight squats are feeling a whole lot better than they have in recent weeks and I'm itching to get back to proper lifts. But in the mean time I'm enjoying these SLDLs more and more. Plus cambered bar good mornings - an old favourite of mine - are fitting nicely so far.

My grip failed on the eighth rep of 180, which was my set. If I'd had the grip strength for more, I would have done them. I may have to start using straps in future for this exercise, as I know my back can do a whole lot more than this.

I'm giving this whole TUT thing a crack and employing slow, controlled, full ROM when using machines. Where I used to perform my assistance work like it was an afterthought, now I'm trying to slow each rep right down. I think Mike Israetel and others are beginning to rub off on me.

I'd really like to do the push/pull comp coming up soon. If everything holds together (and boy am I sick of touching wood after saying those exact words) I'll give it a crack. But only if I'm healed up.

75 kgs x 8
105 kgs x 5
135 kgs x 3
165 kgs x 2 singles
180 kgs x 8 PR

GMs w/cambered bar:
bar 44 kgs x 5
84 kgs x 4 x 5

HS seated rows:
100 kgs x 10
120 kgs x 8
130 kgs x 8

Underhand seated rows:
91 kgs x 10, 10, 8

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