Tuesday, January 8, 2019

Press+ Events Tuesday: Logged, Week 1

AGAIN, I wrote this program so, again, I am responsible for the punishment I put myself through tonight. I am just entering the second week of training but it feels like the second month! I wanted to do more with the Zercher carries but after the weekend's yoke work I was too gassed. I still put in a good innings, though, and made another new personal record for reps of an 80 kilo log.

Thursday night I will be doing my pull-plus-events routine at a facility in West Perth called Legendary Lifting. The owner, Donovan, invited me for a session and to check out his collection of strongman equipment.

PRESS+ EVENTS Tuesday January 8th
Log clean-press (strict):
65 kg x 6
80 kg x 3
80 kg x 3 x 10 PR
Bench press (paused):
60 kg x 3
90 kg x 4 x 8
Zercher carry w/yoke:
130 kg x 2 x 10 meters
190 kg x 2 x 10 meters
210 kg x 10 meters
Chest press machine (p/h):
27.5 kg x 4 x 10
Triceps pushdowns:
114 kg x 8
100 kg x 10
86 kg x 12
Standing barbell curls:
22.5 kg x 3 x 10
DB front raises (p/h):
10 kg x 3 x 10

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