Saturday, January 5, 2019

Events Saturday: Yoked, Week 1

THIS WEEK has been equal measures of fun and exhaustion, and saw some new personal records set. I am certain I've never done as many runs with a 290 kilo yoke before today and, after the week of training I've had, I must admit it was pretty gruelling. I had actually programmed a third set of prowler drag but my hamstrings suggested I not do them. I must also admit that I did not program effectively today... I should have done some clean-pressing first. I didn't have the core stability to do them after the yoke et cetera. This means my press session this coming Tuesday will need to be epic. I performed about thirty-six working sets last Tuesday... I may do around that number again, though focussed entirely on press variations (and the usual biceps/triceps/deltoids isolations work I do afterwards).

I am feeling strong, healthy and sore all over. It has been a good holiday.

EVENTS Saturday January 5th
Yoke walk:
130 kg x 40 meters
210 kg x 40 meters
290 kg x 4 x 40 meters PR
Prowler drag w/harness:
+100 kg x 2 x 17 meters
+150 kg x 2 x 17 meters
assault bike 5 mins @ +55 rpm

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