Saturday, September 15, 2018

Pull Thursday & Events Saturday: Prep wk7

LAST WEEK, things got off-schedule right on schedule. It started with a couple of inflamed cysts. One was on my neck under a wart (both cyst and wart were cut out on Tuesday), the other cyst - which is right up in my frigging groin - is the same thing that messed me up in May. I alluded to it but don't think I ever elaborated on it coz it was so disgusting. But now that it's back I'm compelled to share... and make you all feel as wretched as I did.

Last time it swelled to the size of about half a baseball. It made walking and sitting reasonably painful. Not as painful as the time I had a prolapsed haemorrhoid, but maybe half way there. That was before it burst and leaked for several days; shit that smelled like actual shit. At one point I lanced it and squeezed it, hoping to drain the awful smelling lymphatic fluid and blood into a thick and thirsty paper towel. Instead it surged like a fire extinguisher, three to four feet across the bathroom, and spattered the mirror in bloody, beige soup.

This time I got to the doctor before it grew anywhere near that size. The infection is due to a particular type of bacteria (he took a swab of it for testing this time) and so needs a particular type of antibiotic. My GP prescribed a double course. Last time I was on it, it made me sick briefly. This time it's so far, so good.

So, week 6 was a total bust. Week 7 of comp prep has been better. My deadlift session was cut short as I felt a little dizzy and nauseated (antibiotics) but I got some decent work done first. And today's events session was also productive. Next weekend is the last qualifier for the WASM state championships (which have been slated for November 17th at Elizabeth quay)  and Special K was going all-out with his last weekend session before game day. He started around ten o'clock, and was joined later by Alec, Jacqui and myself. While I still have no idea what the events are going to be, now is the time to get primed. So primed I am getting.

EVENTS Saturday September 15th - Prep wk7
Farmers walk (p/h):
45 kg x 2 x 20 meters
85 kg x 2 x 20 meters
115 kg x 20 meters
135 kg x 20 meters
Zercher carry w/yoke:
130 kg x 20 meters
Yoke walk:
130 kg x 2 x 20 meters
170 kg x 20 meters
210 kg x 20 meters
250 kg x 2 x 20 meters

PULL+ Wednesday September 12th
Axle deadlifts:
80 kg x 10
130 kg x 5
180 kg x 5
230 kg x 3
280 kg x 3 x 5
DB rows (l&r):
40 kg x 3 x 15

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