Saturday, April 21, 2018

Pull Saturday: Gym Brain

GIVING my knees a bit more time off of pick and carry events coz I'm still feeling like I'm recovering from the comp. Today all I did was deadlift, yet managed to miscount all my sets, I think.

My program, which is just starting (so it doesn't matter a whole lot) called for five sets of four reps of 255 kilos. I'm pretty sure I did five by five. I also think that, if I did, then as volume goes, that is the most reps I've done at this weight, ever. I'll need to check that. Sounds right though.

I used straps for the three middle sets, but went sans straps or belt for the last one. Tim was watching my final set and quizzed me on the number of reps I was supposedly doing, coz he saw me pull five. It wasn't till later, upon reflection, that I began to wonder if I'd been doing more than programmed for every set.

This is gym brain.

SATURDAY April 21st
75 kg x 10
125 kg x 5
175 kg x 3
225 kg x 1
255 kg x 5 x 5 TPR

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