Thursday, February 22, 2018

Pull+ Thursday: SLDL 140 kilos x 15

EMPLOYING stiff-legged deadlifts to work around my hip complaint, until I have it diagnosed and better know how to program. So far so good with a new personal record for reps at 140 kilograms. My best is 200 kilos for seven... I want to try for ten this time around. As I progress with this template I will add a fourth set here and there. Eventually the assistance exercises will comprise twenty working sets and the full routine (plus cardio) will take at least two hours to complete. Tonight I cruised through it in not even ninety minutes.

I am annoyed that I cannot deadlift right now, when my progress has been so promising for the last six months. But I am determined to remain as strong as possible in the interim. 350 is going to happen this year. It is one of my goals for 2018, along with taking another crack at WA's Strongest man.

First I must fix this goddamn hip.

PULL+ Thursday February 22nd
Stiff-legged deadlifts:
60 kgs x 10
100 kgs x 5
140 kgs x 15 PR
Meadows rows (l&r):
47.5 kgs x 3 x 10
HS seated rows (p/h):
52.5 kgs x 3 x 10
Seated row machine (underhand):
full stack x 3 x 12 TPR
plate 11 x 3 x 20
super-set w/DB side raises (p/h):
10 kgs x 3 x 10

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