Thursday, April 21, 2016

Pull Thursday: Back to Black

I'VE ALWAYS felt more at home in dark corners. Welcome to my first blog.

Strongman Amateur National Championships 2012
Dusty and abandoned though it is, I've come back here partly because I have been meaning to for some time now (the design layout is far easier to play with and I think it gets more international traffic), but mostly because for some reason my current blog at weightlifting academy is loading a blank screen. So I might as well make the move back here official.

Tonight's pulling was another exploration and assessment of my most recent injury, which I'm happy to say appears to be healing thanks to the incisive treatment meted out by Dan Rucci and his quiver of nasty pins. Last week I stopped at a single of 250; tonight it was 275. The first several sets were performed very slowly, with focus on the injured leg to make sure I wasn't favouring it during the lift. Everything felt good, so I pulled 200 x 3 quick, and continued pulling quick from there. 275 went up fast enough but I wore my Inzer belt a little too high in an attempt to pack Quaid in better and made the lift pretty uncomfortable.

If things continue to feel good next week I'll pull 300. From there, depending how strong that pull feels, I may keep going with 1RM testing but drop to smaller increments. 310, then 320. The important thing when doing this is to recognise that 1. I'm not going to build new strength pulling singles all the time and 2. at some point soon I'll have to quit this and begin another, proper, 8-12 week routine. I'm going to work on it this weekend (along with a new banner and media for this blog) and saturday's clinic promises to be a lot of fun! I'm looking forward to recording it all here.

Assault bike (coasting while writing tonight's routine): 6 mins @ 40 rpm, 45 sec @ 80-85 rpm

DB super-set supine curls & rotators: 4 kgs x 2 x 10

75 kgs x 8
The PTC Perth Open day 2012
125 kgs x 5
175 kgs x 3
200 kgs x 3
225 kgs x 3
250 kgs x 1
275 kgs x 1

Bent-over BB rows (underhand):
105 kgs x 10
115 kgs x 10
125 kgs x 5

Seated rows:
140 kgs x 8
160 kgs x 8 PR

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