Saturday, September 21, 2013

Joining Weightlifting Academy

This Blog Has Moved To

I don't like having to repeat myself, so it follows that I don't like typing the same thing twice. Copy-paste means it's really not anything like that at all, but still, I don't see any point in doing it. It seems self-indulgent.

That's why I've moved my regular blogging over to weightliftingacademy, after Nick's kind offer of a personal blog there.

This blog has reached over 14,000 views and has been in operation for... a long time. Though I've always logged my training somewhere over the last three years and seven months (that's how long ago I started exercising - at the end of March 2010), this blog has been exactly the kind of device I intended it to be, for myself. I'm a writer by nature, not by discipline. I have to write, as part of my process. And this is where I've kept myself honest, and committed, and conscious of how much it's taken to get to where I am now.

Thank you everybody for reading along. I hope you continue to do so, at my new location. I'm not saying this blog won't ever be revived, but for now I'd like to focus my creative catharsis in a new location. One with boozing Oly lifters... should be interesting.

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