Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Press Wednesday: The Marathon Continues

warmup w/DBs & band

Bench press
60 kgs x 10
80 kgs x 8
100 kgs x 5
110 kgs x 1
115 kgs x 11 PR

DB OHP (strict)
left only
30 kgs x 3
40 kgs x 3
50 kgs x 1
40 kgs x 10 TPR?

BB OHP (strict)
20 kgs x 20
25 kgs x 20
30 kgs x 20

Bodyweight: 128 kgs
+ 10 kgs chain x 10
+ 10 kgs chain x 8
BW x 10

GOOD to be back in the gym. Also good to be breaking personal records again.

This is the roll-out of my new weekly routine. It was to start with deadlifts on Monday, but all things considered I felt it pertinent to give my back more of a break and jump in at press Wednesday.

My bench is coming along nicely; I'll be increasing the weight of my max effort set by five kg each week between now and October. I intend to open at the Wild West Shootout at somewhere around 150. I want to make 160 and more.

I haven't been able to confirm if that dumbbell M.E. set was a genuine personal record or not... I know it'd be somewhere close to it. I will have to take a better look through my log.

And I will be increasing my barbell OHP by 5 kilos per week for each set. I may need to reduce reps to 15 as the load increases, ideally I need to do 20 for all sets, and I may even need to drop the increment to 2.5 once things get heavier. The muscle fatigue in the last few reps of my final set was pretty intense. Something I'll get used to.

It felt awkward tonight, but I'm really happy that nothing actually hurt. Clearly I was compensating and my form on the right was odd (and apparent to one PTC member who saw me finish my last set and simply said to me "shoulder?")... steady as she goes.

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