Saturday, December 15, 2012

Accessory Saturday: Freakin Kickbacks?!

Shoulder warmup

1-arm DB press (volume)
10 reps @ 20 kgs
5 reps @ 25 kgs
3 reps @ 30 kgs
1 reps @ 35 kgs
8 reps @ 40 kgs PR

*right arm
Rested triceps kickback
12 reps @ 20 kgs
12 reps @ 22.5 kgs
12 reps @ 25 kgs
9 reps @ 27.5 kgs

1-arm Seated row
10 reps @ plate 12
8 reps @ plate 13
6 reps @ plate 15
5 reps @ plate 16

Good mornings
10 reps @ 30 kgs
8 reps @ 70 kgs
8 reps @ 90 kgs
8 reps @ 110 kgs

LEARNED a few things today, based on the research conducted by my training team:

1. My shoulder injury was promoted by push-pressing with over-developed triceps and underdeveloped deltoids. When my tris fail, the delts don't have the strength the support the weight, so push-pressing is a bad idea for me to do right now. Strict press only form now on.

2. There is one thing I can safely do with my right arm. It's called (working title) a *Rested triceps kickback: Basically, I kneel facing a bench which is positioned length-ways in front of me, I rest my chest and upper-arm flat on the bench, then perform the kickback with a dumbbell as per normal. Joel thought of it, coz he's extremely clever (and always has to be right, even when he's not. But anyway) I'm glad to have something to further break up the monotony of squats, good mornings and DB presses - and it doesn't require other people to assist me (like Retarded Shannons do).

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