Wednesday, December 12, 2018

More Pull+ Events Wednesday: Unknotted

I FINALLY got that sumbitch adductor sorted on Tuesday. Needra bent many a needle trying to penetrate the massive knot she'd found in the muscle belly; the cause of my poor performance over the last two months. When it released, it caused the whole leg to spasm violently. And then the problem was gone. I rested Tuesday night (which you must always do after a dry needling), deciding to deadlift again Wednesday. I worked up to a 300 kilogram pull with no issues before moving on to Zercher carries, which were also performed without incident.

This was a great session because of the return of Zercher carry - an event I've been looking forward to doing more regularly. But my forearms and elbows (especially the right one) are complaining lately. Must be due to the hand-over-hand prowler pull I was doing a couple weeks ago, which I exacerbated with the pull-ups I did at the end of last session, just to see if I could. I had intended to do some kind of press tonight, but that would not have been smart. Clean-presses will have to wait a while longer, but I should be able to continue with overhead from the rack and bench press next week.

Another young fella approached me after seeing me Zercher-carry the yoke. "I've never seen anybody actually use that thing before. What's it called?" he asked. His name was Corey. We had a brief chat, and I advised Corey of the strongman events sessions I perform each Saturday from 1PM, and that he was welcome to come check them out.

This weekend, to keep things fresh (and to test out the adductor some more) I'll likely be doing axle squats as my first static event, followed by yoke and/or farmers walk and maybe more prowler drag to finish. And next weekend, if the left elbow is feeling up to it, I might play around with the monster dumbbell: I've not used it since I returned to Genesis, and it's the only piece of equipment I'm not on a first name basis with.

PULL+ EVENTS (again) Wednesday December 12th
70 kg x 10
120 kg x 5
170 kg x 3
220 kg x 2 - double o/hand
270 kg x 1 - no belt
300 kg x 1
Zercher carry:
130 kg x 2 x 10 meters
210 kg x 2 x 10 meters
Tyre flip:
175 kg x 15 meters
assault bike 5 mins @ +55 rpm

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