Saturday, December 8, 2018

Events Saturday: More Chains

LAST yoke session felt a lot better than this one. I'd had big plans to walk 400 without a belt today, since the belt-less 370 I walked last time had felt pretty comfortable. But today, like Thursday night, I just wasn't on point. I am still rehabbing shit, sure, but I really felt like I had more in me today than what eventuated. I jumped to 410 instead of 400 kilograms as the leadup to it hadn't felt strong, I was going to rely on a belt for it anyway, and 400 is finnicky to load. I'd have to go scrounge up some 2.5s and I really couldn't be bothered.

The good news is the adductor felt good throughout the session. I'm reasonably confident I'll be able to deadlift, clean-press, axle squat and zercher carry next week like normal.

While I was training a Genesis member approached me, curious to know more about the yoke. We had a brief chat and I mentioned that I was always happy to show him the basics of strongman events if he could be here at 1pm each Saturday.

I had a third event programmed for today: the prowler drag, utilising the truck pull harness. But I looked all over and couldn't find anything I could use to hook the harness to the prowler. I needed a length of chain or heavy rope with loopholes either end, anywhere from one meter long. The one chain I found was too thin and the ropes too worn to be safe. So the prowler I had loaded up at one end of the runway I just had to push back and unload again.

After training I went to Bunnings and got a two meter length of chain sturdy enough to pull 800+ kilograms. That'll fuckin do. Looking forward to next session.

EVENTS Saturday December 8th
Yoke walk:
130 kg x 30 meters
230 kg x 30 meters
310 kg x 15 meters
370 kg x 15 meters - no belt, one drop, not great
410 kg x 5 meters - belted
Farmers walk (p/h):
30 kg x 30 meters
80 kg x 30 meters
110 kg x 30 meters
130 kg x 15 meters - no belt
Prowler push:
+200 kg x 10 meters

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