Thursday, January 12, 2017

Press Thursday: Week One Done

MORE volume and fatiguing super-sets tonight, launching myself into this program while the drive and energy is harnessed. It's been so long since I wasn't either sick, injured, or recovering from one or both that being at 100% feels more like 110%. My appetite is all the way back and I'm eating myself into a heavier weight division without even trying, really. In short, everything feeling good.

So that tells me I should prepare for the inevitable and go see my physio for a thorough, pre-emptive needling. I have some heavy shit to move over the next few months and the last thing I need is another tear.

The close grip has clearly added some ROM to my bench press, so the odds of me reaching the much-vaunted 200 kilo mark is still a way off. But I want to at least hit my previous competition best of 175, and maybe even get that 180 if I can keep my feet still while doing it (that's what robbed me of a 180 bench at CAPO states in 2015.

Just as with my deadlift routine, I over-estimated how many money sets I could handle but one. I knew - knew - I would not get all 6 reps of the sixth set if I did it, so I moved on. This is not a major issue; it happened last time, so this time around I made room for this adjustment. The program will still get me where I want to go.

Saturday's strongman clinic will be starting an hour early to accommodate the arm wrestling competition running from 2PM. It's going to be an epic, epic day. I already know this. And I'll take plenty of footage to share, so you can appreciate just what I'm talking about.

Warmup: quad & glute stretch, bands & shoulder mobility work w/DBs

Bench press (paused):
60 kg x 5
80 kg x 2
100 kg x 5s x 6r TPR?

Hack squat machine:
25 kg x 3 x 10

Hammer Strength chest press:
40 kg p/h x 2 x 10
40 kg p/h x 7

Seated DB OHP:
10 kg p/h x 3 x 10

Super-set with DB front raises:
10 kg p/h x 3 x 10

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