Friday, September 13, 2013

Friday the 13th: Lifting Dead

warmup w/bands

75 kgs x 10
125 kgs x 8
175 kgs x 5
225 kgs x 2
245 kgs x 1
265 kgs x 4 equal to best effort

Kroc rows w/kettle bell
80 kgs x 10
80 kgs x 10
80 kgs x 10
64 kgs x 6
56 kgs x 10

Leg press
160 kgs x 10
210 kgs x 10
260 kgs x 10
310 kgs x 10

I DID this nearly 3 months ago . So it's not great. But I can't really expect to make progress after losing a week of training and a net total of nearly 5 kilos bodyweight. I needed to do this session because it's my last opportunity to deadlift before the WA Strongman finals next weekend.

My right bicep was feeling rough with the krocs, so I didn't keep pushing it. But I really do need to start doing focussed right-arm exercises with the aim to build strength and conditioning back up. What I'm doing now with overhead press is good, but I'm not doing enough in other areas. I will have to talk to the SMWA brains trust tomorrow.

As it was Friday the 13th, I had a bit of cosplay fun as Jason Vorhees. The next one is in December. Maybe there will be more horror movie characters to lift with then.

Events are going to kill me tomorrow.

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