Sunday, December 3, 2017

The 2017 Perth GPC Push/Pull

FORTY FIVE competitors from all over the state filled the warmup area of PTC Perth on this humid Sunday, a crowd of spectators already filling the seats in front of the platform. Even with this many entrants, the two lift meet was over in around four hours. And it showcased some of the most spectacular displays of strength this state has ever seen.

The day belonged to PTC's own Rait Sagor, who put up a monstrous 595 kilogram total with a 215 bench press and 380 deadlift. But there was plenty of talent across all classes, including another impressive crew from Bunbury. All the day's lifting has already been tabled and is available below:

I have to give a shout out to Richard Williams, the other competitor in my class, who I tried to keep up with on bench and who completed a comfortable-looking 170 press which was unfortunately red-lit for rushing a call.

Richard got his first 300 kilo deadlift today; a huge milestone for any lifter. Based on what I've seen I am certain he will press 200 before the end of next year. Maybe well before. And now there's also a guy in my weight class, creeping up on my modest deadlift record. Plus, Richard told me today (and the Hogg reminded me just now) he wants to do Strongman next year. Honestly, with this much talent brewing - and now crossing over - in to Strongman, it'll be PTC #1, #2 & #3 in every division soon enough.

It was my final competition for the year and I'm calling it a win. I didn't get a 500 kilogram total - my bench press just wasn't strong enough on the day - however I did pull that 330 deadlift I've had my sights on since the Perth Cup, for 495. And I would have been happy enough with that...

Except I learned, just as I was walking across the platform to pull my opener of 310, that I was about to make a sub-masters national record. So that 330 is now all the sweeter. I'm also in a lighter weight class while producing only 5-10 kilograms less than my best ever competition bench and deadlift; personal records I set as a super heavyweight. So that's another win.
Before I got to the platform I pulled 235 double overhand, and my last warmup was a beltless 290. Both technical personal records, and more wins.

I started this year with a detached tendon, and ended it with some of the best performances of my lifting career to date. I am now stronger, leaner and healthier than I've ever been. People told me this couldn't be done. Not in the time I did it in. They were wrong.

Bring on 2018, I say. Hurry up already.

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