Friday, April 21, 2017

Quaid Hates Squats

WHICH is a shame for him, coz I'm just starting to enjoy them again. I'm cinching my belt higher to hold him in, but he really is quite noticeable now. It's possible he's getting bigger and will herniate eventually. The prospect of exploding like a xenomorphe host crossed my mind a couple of times today. It didn't happen, which means I'm not squatting heavy enough.

Hopefully I can continue with this 3x5 set/rep scheme for 195 kilograms, then 3x4 of 205. I'd like to finish up with something like two triples of 255... but maybe I can follow it all the way through to 275 for a significant new personal record.

Assault bike: 5 mins @ 50 rpm
Stretch & foam roller

Cambered bar squats:
55 kgs x 10
95 kgs x 5
135 kgs x 5
165 kgs x 3
185 kgs x 3 x 5 TPR

HS seated rows:
left: 20 kgs x 4 x 10
right: 40 kgs x 4 x 10

Axe swings:
l&r plate 6 x 4 x 10

DB bicep curls:
left only 7.5 kgs x 4 x 10

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