Tuesday, November 1, 2011

New Plans

TODAY was day 2 of my new job, and it also marked the first day I felt summer beating down on me. It's going to be a long, dry, hot one. I can tell.

I also trained my two regulars, Jared and Ryan, in the evening. But it wasn't a rigid session tonight - instead I took them both through a couple of new exercises (hexbar deadlifts and log clean-press) and talked to them about their training timetable and how it was going to have to change in order to fit around my own. Now that I'm working full time, I cannot train whenever I wish (at least, not at home... my work has a gym, but barely enough plates to challenge me) and I intend to keep Monday, Wednesday and Friday nights free for myself. Also, I am relinquishing the reigns here, as I really don't have the inclination to keep pushing them and reminding them to train instead of chat. If they want to train, then they will agree on times and help each other out. I have written them a new routine that will see them remain indoors when it's really hot in the coming months, and I will make sure they have refrigerated water available at all times... the rest is out of my hands now.

I am no longer recording what I eat each and every day as I don't have the time to waste on such a frivolous activity, and I am now regimented enough in my daily diet to not need reminding what to eat and when, and how much, etc etc. But I will give a basic outline here.

8-9 AM 1 litre of milk, often but not always mildly flavoured with nesquick or something similar
10-11 AM a couple of pieces of fruit, and maybe some more milk
12-1 PM Lunch will vary, but will always be high protein and will NOT be wrapped in bread. Dinner leftovers, cheese singles and ham slices, boiled eggs, etc etc
2-3 PM 1 litre of milk
5-6 PM Pre-workout most days, fruit or whatever I can find in the fridge
Training should start around 6 PM
8-9 PM Dinner, which is always a large amount of meat, and some vegetables

The important elements to my diet are what is NOT there:
No processed carbs, breads, cereals, grains, no white anything (rice, sugar, bread), a bare minimum of sweetener for my milk is the only aberration. And absolutely NO alcohol.

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