Monday, March 30, 2020

Last Training Session @ Legendary Lifting

FOR A WHILE, at least.

The Corona virus has forced us all back to where many of us - me included - first began: at home. My home gym I facetiously referred to as 'The Savickas Testing Facility' due to the Savickas press I jerry-rigged with some heavy chains slung over my back yard pergola, and the fact that it was still kinda rickety and experimental. It wasn't much, but it did allow me to overhead press and bench heavy weight safely, and even squat comfortably enough. Now, of course, there's a spa where the Savickas press was located. Also, I sold all my home equipment when I outgrew it and moved my training to the Muscle Pit.

Well, now I'm back where I started, almost exactly ten years to the day I first began exercising. The great people at Legendary Lifting allowed me to borrow all the plates, bars and mats you see here (save for the axle and blocks, which are mine), which is an excellent start to a new setup, and will keep me going in the mean time, albeit with some limited exercise options.

I hope to get more sessions done through the week by training at a variety of other people's home gyms. Until I can get my own, I am in dire need of access to a squat rack and bench - preferably adjustable.

But nothing will stop me from training. Certainly not this goddamned virus. I guess this is the reason I became almost entirely debt-free this year: so I could reinvest in my training at home.

LAST SESH Saturday March 21st
Deficit deadlifts:
65 kg x 10
105 kg x 10
145 kg x 10
Good mornings w/cambered bar:
20 kg x 10
40 kg x 10
60 kg x 10
80 kg x 10
Incline barbell press:
50 kg x 8
70 kg x 5
90 kg x 2
100 kg x 1
110 kg x 1
120 kg x 2 FAIL
110 kg x 4, 3
Axle OHP (strict):
20 kg x 5
50 kg x 3
70 kg x ME 12
Reverse hyper-extensions:
20 kg x 4 x 10
Assault bike 5 mins @ +50 rpm

EVENTS Saturday March 14th
Yoke walk:
130 kg x 2 x 15 meters
190 kg x 2 x 15 meters
230 kg x 10 x 15 meters
Assault bike 5 mins @ +50 rpm

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