Saturday, August 17, 2019

Template 1, Week 17: Legendary Strongman's Newest Athlete

Pat did CrossFit, but we won't  hold that against him.
I SAY athlete and not trainee because this fella is not new to the sport. Pat competed in the under 80s division a few years ago. He just recently joined Legendary Lifting and I bumped into him last weekend and asked him if he was interested in training events on Saturday afternoons. Today was his first session.

Pat couldn't stick around for long, but the time he was in the gym was well spent, as you'll see in these two videos I took of his deadlifts. He wasn't expecting to pull 215 for a double today. Before he left I asked him if he was planning on returning to the sport. He told me he was in fact looking at competing this year! That brings the number of 'Legendary' strongmen to three: Pat, Navarre and myself. Navarre is already on track for the WASM state championship, leaving Pat and me to hopefully both do well at the final qualifier earmarked for late September / early October.

My own training went pretty good today, which was my first heavy deadlift session since January. I worked up to a pretty comfortable single of 280. As I'm still treating the right arm a little gingerly I decided to use straps for the last rep. All felt good, and I know I could have pulled 300 or more if I'd wanted to push it. But I was happy enough, and moved on with the rest of the program. The famers walks at the end nearly killed me.

EVENTS (+PULL) Week 17, Template 1 - Saturday August 17th
70 kg x 10
120 kg x 5
170 kg x 3
210 kg x 2 - double o/hand no belt
250 kg x 1 - mixed grip & belt
280 kg x 1 - straps & belt
Leg extensions (p/l):
25 kg x 3 x 15 kg
Meadows rows (l&r):
47.5 kg x 3 x 10
Seated rows, neutral grip (l&r):
75 kg x 3 x 10
49.5 kg x 3 x 20
Farmers walk (p/h):
65 kg x 2 x 15 meters
85 kg x 2 x 3 x 15 meters

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