Saturday, May 11, 2019

Template 1, Week 3: High Volume Yoke

EVEN though I missed my dedicated press + accessories session Tuesday, this week of training has been a good one. I lumped the axle overheads in with Saturday's events to make sure they, at least, got done.

As I posted on Fashbook earlier, there is at least one good thing about detaching a bicep tendon for a second time, pretty much exactly two years after detaching the first one. I makes tracking and improving on the progress I made on the first go-around that much easier.

After the first one in 2017 I was back to form in eight months and pulled a national sub-masters record deadlift in ten. This time I'm already two weeks ahead of the game on deadlift and hit a new personal record for volume on yoke walk just this week. The intensity isn't there yet: I rested between each walk, whereas I typically walk a loading this light twice before taking a break. But it's a good place to be at three weeks in.

I also did a better job of maintaining my lower body strength during the first few months post-surgery, with a lot more squats and good mornings in addition to the machine and accessory work.

I might even be back competing in Strongman this year.

PRESS+ EVENTS Week 3 Template 1 - May 11th
Yoke walk:
130 kg x 2 x 20 meters
210 kg x 2 x 20 meters
260 kg x 10 x 20 meters - all time PR for volume
Axle press (strict):
20 kg x 10
40 kg x 5
55 kg x 5
65 kg x 3 x 9
80 kg x 5 x 8

PULL Week 3 Template 1 - May 9th
Cambered bar good mornings:
20 kg x 10
60 kg x 5
100 kg x 5
120 kg x 3 x 10 TPR
Leg extensions (p/l):
10 kg x 15
15 kg x 3 x 15
Meadows rows (l&r):
40 kg x 4 x 10
Seated rows (neutral grip):
left 75 kg x 10, 90 kg x 10
right 22.5 kg x 20, 30 kg x 20
49.5 kg x 4 x 20
DB side raises (p/h):
12.5 kg x 10
10 kg x 3 x 10
assault bike 2 mins @ +60 rpm, 3 mins @ +50 rpm

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