Thursday, July 7, 2016

WEEK 6 Squat Thursday: Finally Stronger

A MODEST new personal record tonight. Darwin, Stephan, Braydn and Anthony were there to assist with spotting and operating the mono. I realise 210 for reps is nothing at all for most of the guys I train with - the guys who compete, at least - but it's reasonably heavy for me. Checking my logs from around this time last year: I had a 1RM in training of 240 kilos in May (and 245 on the axle earlier in the same month) which I followed with 250 at the CAPO state championships. But I wasn't performing reps with anything approaching 200 at that time, like I am now. And at the clinic on Saturday I deadlifted 250 for nearly 10 reps. These are clear proof that I am stronger than I was a year ago. Finally.

It's taken nearly one full year of injuries, treatments and rehabs, but I'm finally moving forward, and in an area that has typically been a real weakness for me. I'm hoping this program will help me build a solid +275 kilo squat in September.

I'm going to experiment with benching again soon... and it looks like I'll be pulling with my cheer squad again this weekend. PTC Strongman has grown into a nice little crew. It's always a pleasure to coach them. They, in turn, provide me with the motivation I have lately been lacking. It's hard to be gung-ho in the gym when you're nursing an injury or two. Instead you become apprehensive.


25 kgs x 8
80 kgs x 5
130 kgs x 5
170 kgs x 1
190 kgs x 1
210 kgs x 3s x 4r PR

DB front raises:
10 kgs x 3s x 10r

20 kgs x 3s x 10r

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